How to Logon

You will not be able to logon to your course until the 1st class day!

Note:  If you are logging on to a VCT course, theses directions do not apply to you.  See the special instructions for VCT students.

Now that you have reviewed information about the support services available to you, please click on the information resource icon information iconnext to each course you are enrolled in. This contains important information about how to contact your instructor, how the course is laid out, etc.

Once you have reviewed the orientation information for each course you are enrolled in, you may now logon to your personal account on the server.


How do I logon to my personal account so I can access my courses?

  1. Open your browser and type in the address of the server:
  2. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on "Login"
  3. Read "Is this your first time here" for instructions
  4. Enter your username and password as instructed

What is my User ID and password?


Your eLearning ID is the first four letters of your last name in lower case letters + the first four letters of your first name in lower case letters + the last four numbers of your student id.

For example: John Doe has a student id of 123456789. His eLearning ID is: doejohn6789

Your eLearning password is the word "Student" with a capital "S" + the two-digit month and day you were born.

For example: John Doe's birthday is June 9th. His eLearning password is: Student0609

Click here to see a video of the logon directions.


I changed my password this semester but now I have forgotten it, what do I do?


If you have forgotten your password, you may contact the eLearning Department to have your password reset. or 903.988.3704

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